Dear visitors, dear members,

At the last board meeting the board of the Queerreferat discussed new regulations for the handling of COVID-19, the following decisions and measures were made:

  • Events should again be offered as barrier-free as possible
  • There will be no more registration for events necessary.
  • Also the upper limit of 10 persons, who are allowed to stay in the Ref, will be abolished. Instead, the event organizers are encouraged to keep an eye on how many people they allow to attend their events. In doing so, existing regulations are to be adhered to urgently.
  • Further existing rules are:
    • 1.5 meter distance between all persons
    • Masks must be worn all the way to the seat, when going to the toilet and other movements on the premises. The mask may be taken off at the seat.
    • Furthermore, the contact details of all persons present in the Ref must be collected.
    • The Ref must still be disinfected and ventilated after each event.
    • The serving of drinks in the Ref is permitted again.
    • In addition, more events are to take place in the Ref, for this purpose anyone can register an event with the board and carry it out. Registered events must be approved by the board before they can be held.

Your Board