You want to check out the Queerreferat but you don't want to go by yourself? Maybe you don't know what to expect and are worried that you won't find anyone to connect with? It's how most people feel when they meet new people or try to reach out to people in the LGBTTIQ* community but don't know where to get started. 

If that's how you feel, get in touch with one of our Buddies! Our Buddies can answer any and all your questions about the Referat. Furthermore they can meet you anytime either at a café or at the Referat. This way you can get an impression of us and already know someone to take along to your first visit. We want to make your first experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. All of our Buddies are happy to be in touch with you regardless of your sexuality or gender.

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hello, my name is Lukas, 21 years old, gay and I’m studying Mechanical Engineering in Aachen. I am always happy and interested in many different activities. I’m part of the Referat for more than one year now. Everybody was nice to me from the beginning and I was able to feel comfortable very quickly. Today, I found several good friends there. In the Referat everybody gets the chance to talk to each other, to play some games or to drink coffee in a pleasant environment. But I do know, that it’s not easy to come to the Ref for the first time and alone. That’s why I want to help you with that.


Hey there! My name is Romina and I´m 25 years old. I started studying German and Theology to become a teacher in winter 2013. Still I only found the courage to visit the Ref in the autumn of 2017 because I wasn´t sure whether I „belonged“ there or not (turns out I totally do! And btw: That´s absolutely irrelevant because no one forces you to label or out yourself here.) That´s why I can totally understand that it can be scary to come alone. I´d love to help making this step much easier and if it´s the same for you as it was/is for me then the Queerreferat will soon feel like a second home to you! In my free time I enjoy cooking, writing and singing. I´m also part of a theatergroup, a self declared series junkie and like meeting up with my friends. I would describe myself as a communicative und (hopefully) empathic person, who enjoys laughing as much as talking about serious subjects.


Hey, I'm Sven. I grew up in the Eifel, did my master's degree in computer science at the RWTH and am now working at the Fraunhofer IPT as a research assistant. I came out as gay in 2012 and since then I have changed a lot, but I have always tried to stay true to my family and my friends. As a fag and as a manly acting Enby-person I try to make the world a better place and create an open space for everyone. Besides, I like to go to the contact jumping and Zirekltraining, I like to play board and video games as well.