Under the "Outland" project of the Queerreferat Aachen is a group of people who are devoted to international issues of LGBTTIQ* Spectrum and networking with relevant organizations / associations in other countries. Beside keeping in touch with organizations in Liège / Lüttich (Belgium), we also run an active program with human rights activist from Sofia (Bulgaria) through mutual visits and support. Meanwhile, we are especially proud of our "Welcome Human" campaign, original from our Bulgarian friend, successfully established in Aachen.

In particular, we wish to have greater involvement of international students in Queerreferat. Thus we have International Thursday once a semester. We also offer cooperated events with other organizations such as AEGEE.

Our goals for further work:

  • Strengthen and maintain our contacts from abroad
  • Build new partnerships with other international organizations / associations in Germany and abroad
  • Attain more restaurants / pubs / shops for the "Willkommen Mensch" campaign
  • Greater involvement of international students in the Queerreferat
  • Attractive design of our events for international students
  • A translation of content, such as the homepage into English

Want to bring up with your ideas with us? Are you interested in international networking? Then simply come to our meetings! We meet once a month and talk in English. The events will be announced in our calendar in advance.

Or write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..